The Search

The last few weeks, I have been to the movies more than I have been in the last couple of years. Very strange, but I’m not complaining. It has given me a perspective that I didn’t realize before. We are all searching for a hero. Someone to help us and essentially “save” us. How strange is that? The action movies that are popular and have been over the years all involve a person coming to save the day. The movies I have recently seen are really good examples. “Man of Steel”, “After Earth”, and “World War Z”. Those are the three that I will comment on this time, but I could probably include several more.
The first movie I saw was “After Earth” with Will Smith. The things that I thought of while watching this movie were 1) people of earth face destruction and 2) the “hero” of the movie must overcome fear in order to succeed. The second movie was “Man of Steel” and I saw several parallels to my Savior, Jesus Christ. First he was sent specifically to Earth to help mankind, second, he made himself known at the age of 33, and third, he was told he would be rejected by the people. These aren’t perfect parallels, but they do make me think of Jesus first. Luckily, the movie didn’t go too far (in my opinion). The third movie, “World War Z”, may be stretching it a little, but essentially it goes back to the devastation of the people of Earth and one person saves the day.
We are told in the Revelation that there will be an end to the world as we know it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the world is going to blow up, but people will no longer be able to live life the way we are now. In oblivion. We don’t always put God first and we don’t always have integrity with the way we conduct our business. As a matter of fact, our priorities seem to always put ourselves first and then anything else can come afterwards. This is how we will be destroyed. We fail to put God first and we continue to live selfishly. By doing this, the world we live in will come to a point where we can’t turn it around. After all, look at our economy, our government (not just the U.S.), our ecology and especially our youth. It has all deteriorated and when we stop and look back 50 years or so, we see that while we have great technology today, we have very little ethics and integrity.
We definitely need a Savior, whether you agree or not. I believe we are headed for certain destruction and we need someone to guide us in the way to live in peace and be happy. We need someone who can show us how to overcome the fear that seems to dominate our minds when we are faced with daily challenges. I guess what really strikes me as funny is how we flock to the movies to be entertained by fantasy saviors when we have the real thing available to us in Jesus Christ. He lives in me and I have a personal relationship with Him, just as He promised He would for all of us. It’s my choice to devote myself to Him and I believe because of this choice I am able to live my life with integrity and peace. There are definitely challenges but I am able to go through them and succeed because I have Him as my support and guidance. It’s fun to go to the movies and watch the fantasy, but I don’t need that in order to be happy.


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