Same lesson, different day

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that there is a specific purpose delegated to each of us. There are so many distractions that can take our focus away from what God has intended. I say this because this is what I deal with each day of my life. I wake up in the morning and my mind starts going into several different directions before I even get out of bed. Usually the conversation in my head starts with, “Do I really want to go downstairs and run or just lie here for another 30 minutes?” Then the debate,”You know you’ll feel better if you get up and exercise, but if you decide to rest some more, you can always exercise this afternoon”. Or, my favorite, “Your body is tired, give it a break”. Know the feeling? Some days I win the battle, and some days I lose, but I always keep trying. My determination seems to be picking up and I am winning a little more than I was before. I am encouraged by that. And this is all concerning the first hour of my day! On the days that I do make it downstairs to the treadmill, I make sure I’ve got my tunes going. Music is a fierce motivator for me, and I thank God for LeCrae, TobyMac and Mandisa among many others because they help me bring it all back into perspective and put my love for God and His purpose for my life before anything.
But then comes the shower after the workout. This is when my mind really kicks in and starts to think about all the different tasks I have to do that day, or what my children are doing, what they need from me and how am I going to get it all done? Well, I determined that this time alone is perfect for me to continue on my focus with God and just devote my mind to Him. So, I took some good advice from a Joyce Meyer book and memorized many scriptures to help motivate my focus for the day. It usually takes me about 10 minutes to get each scripture spoken, but that’s on a good day. My mind decides that in between scriptures it needs to wander into other territories such as my son and his tennis aspirations or my daughter and her decisions for her future. Oh, what a struggle! I have realized that thinking about these things in particular, only causes me unnecessary anguish and I can’t change anything anyway. When my mind starts this foolishness, I try really hard to get back into my scriptures and focus even harder. I always get through the scriptures, just sometimes it takes me 30 minutes instead of 10. Once I have finished, however, I can tell that I am on my way to becoming closer to Him. My favorite scripture, which I always end on and which motivates me during the day is Psalm 19:14 “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer”. This one reminds me that He is my focus alone and He is my sole Provider. He has carried me this far and I have no doubt that my future remains with Him. It is Him that I need to please and no one else. I love all the people around me, but if it comes down to pleasing them or God, I choose God.


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