A Servant’s Life

Kids these days are hard to keep up with! My kids are older and you’d think they would be self-sufficient by now. One is working two jobs, living at home but, (I hope) trying to figure out what to be in her life. I don’t really believe that’s the case, even though we have had this conversation a million times over the past 4 years. She chose not to go to college yet, which I don’t blame her. Don’t go until you are ready to study and earn a degree. But now she seems to be distracted by earning money and going out with friends. I remember when I was that way. As a matter of fact, I was exactly like her and I had no ambition to actually do well in school and start a life career. I was stuck in party-land. What I didn’t realize was that I was unhappy. At least I didn’t realize it until I met my husband.
God interevened in my life and helped me achieve some balance, work and play rather than just play. Of course, after 20 years, it seems to have shifted in the other direction, but I enjoy the work I do, so maybe it’s not so bad. What I have discovered slowly over the last 20 years, is that our purpose is to serve others and therefore we are serving God. I’ve always done something with the public, whether it was serving food or helping with their animals, etc. I believe one of the best feelings we can have is the satisfaction of helping another person and they genuinely appreciate it. Appreciation is hard to come by these days, but that doesn’t give us a good reason to stop helping others.
As we mature physically, we should be maturing spiritually as well. If we take the time and develop that relationship with God that He desires, we will wonder how did we ever get by without knowing Him in the first place? Then, we will look for people who need some help, whether it’s holding a door open for them or carrying their groceries to the car, or helping to pay their power bill that month so they will stay warm. It doesn’t take much to help another person and it usually ends up in a big blessing for both you and the person(s) you helped. Even if the other person doesn’t acknowledge your help, you can walk away blessed because you did the right thing. Guess who’s watching? He’s always there, cheering you on to make the right choices and helping to pick you up when you have made the wrong ones. He corrects us, and if we hear Him, we can repent and enjoy His close relationship again.
Now, it seems I’m trying to teach this concept to my teenage kids, but having a hard time doing it. What God has taught me this week, is that I can do the teaching, but I can’t do the learning for them. They have to hear the words and let it sink into their hearts and dwell on the message in order for them to begin to understand His will. As His servant, I am relying on Him to put that message (and many others) deep into their hearts so they will never forget Him and live their lives for Him. When they start doing things for others on a regular basis and linking it to what God has intended for their lives all along, they will enjoy the happiness they have desired. Thank you, God for continuing to stand by us and bless us. Your eternal providence is our sustenance and I rely on You for everything. Praise and Glory to You forever!


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