What is Salvation, anyway?

I believe salvation is another term that has become dulled to our senses. The main reason, in my opinion, is because we do not fully appreciate the full scope of the term “sin”. I believe salvation begins with our understanding the extent of our sinful nature. I mean for us to fully recognize how serious sin truly is and how we are ALL guilty. Let’s face it, sin is a big package, deserving of the same consequence….punishment. But we have compartmentalized the term sin into different sizes. A little sin might be a lie while a big sin is murder. Our justice system has created different “sized” punishments for these different sized crimes (sins), and yet, our God does not work this way. He sees every sin equally and hates it equally.
I think this is where our judgment becomes cloudy, even to the point where we have difficulty believing that God even exists. After all, a just God would surely see the difference between a “little white lie” and the brutal murder of a small child. If we peel away the slimy film from this statement we would see that they both are equal in that they both completely dishonor God, our Creator.
That’s a hard pill swallow. My white lie offended God just as badly as the brutal murder of (fill in the blank). Stop and think about that. If I believe in God, then I should believe that my sins offend Him. If I love Him, then I should want to not offend Him.
Okay, so the argument may come as – how can God expect us to be perfect? How can He be so strict? I don’t believe He expects this. I believe He simply does not have the capacity to overlook sin. But, He does have the capacity to overcome it through His Son. I think this is what is so incredible. Think of it.
We are His creation. We were made perfect until we chose to disobey. It’s like when your mother tells you that the burner is hot on the stove and for you not to touch it. You think to yourself, “it can’t be that bad” and you let the tip of your finger touch it. What happens? You immediately regret it as the burning sensation swiftly encompasses your fingertip. For some reason, you couldn’t resist the warning your mother gave you and had to find out for yourself.
A famous speaker once said that more people would probably believe in God if there were no consequence for sin. We are very selfish in regards to our flesh. We allow our flesh to tell us what to do and to have to acknowledge God in His perfection would mean that we admit our flesh is less than perfect. Therefore, it is much more comfortable to believe He doesn’t exist. After all, we can’t see Him so why should we believe He is real?
My whole point to this? If we honestly believe there is a God who created us with the intentions of having a relationship with us, then we must believe we have a responsibility to develop that relationship with Him, too. It’s not just His job because He made us with the ability to choose. If we choose to be His companion, then we choose to love and please Him. If that’s the case, we can’t pick and choose the boundaries set before us in that relationship with Him. There are things that please Him and things that do not and the Bible explains those things. It is up to us to learn what those things are and live with the intention of pleasing Him. This intention will be evident in our hearts and everything we do, even when we make mistakes, will be because we love Him and choose to please Him. This is where our salvation comes to play. When we make that choice with a genuine heart, our sins and mistakes are forgiven. I guess the question remains, do you REALLY believe? Then live like it.


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