Living in this world can cloud one’s sense of clarity. What is real, after all? My husband is a big fan of the movie, “What Dreams May Come”. It’s a nice movie that tries to answer the question of what happens to us after we die, but like all after-life movies, fails. That’s okay with me. It’s only a movie and is there purely for my entertainment, nothing more. The reason I bring this movie up is because it does say one thing that I believe to be true and that is that what’s in our minds is real and what is physical is really just the illusion.

Sounds pretty far-fetched? Not really if we just look at it in the sense that we came into this world with nothing and we will leave with nothing, physical, that is. We did come with our consciousness and we will leave with it. Skeptics can argue all they want, but until they die, that can’t give me any proof just as I can’t provide any proof myself. What I believe is simply what I believe and there’s no point in arguing. I believe that God is real, He created us and the universe, and His form is the true form for all of us. If He is Spirit, then that makes us spririt as well, because we were made in His image. This makes the spirit world more real than our physical one.

How does this make what’s in my mind real? Well, if I focus on something with my mind long enough, eventually I will see it in physical form. Probably not stated properly, let me try to give an example. My husband and I run a business that sells supplements for animals and people that are anti-inflammatory and immune boosting. He first developed his first formula years ago and tried to market it. While it worked on the patients he put it on, it didn’t just start selling overnight. Since I knew our goal was to try to make a living with this product, I began to pray for it’s success. Now, when I pray, I don’t say, “Dear God, make such n such happen. Amen”. I get specific and I start and end all prayers with gratitude. My first priority, no matter what my circumstances are in life is the remember that God gave me life, He chose to create me and to love me. This belief I have in this concept has helped me realize how He has provided for me in every single aspect of my life. I am living a peaceful life because of His provision and I want to take time every day to thank Him for that provision. Then I speak positively about what I would like to see happen physically. What I said was, “Thank you Lord for making our product a success”. So, my prayers not only went to God’s ears, but they went to mine as well. I believed what I heard and I focused on it daily. It took some time, as all things do, but our product began to flourish and even start to pay its own bills! My husband was able to create some subsidiary products that help maintain a healthy body and even they have started to self-sustain.

What I focused on was what started to happen. This is why I never focus on the negative. It’s not easy, but it’s possible and that’s how we bridge our physical life to our spiritual or mental life. I prefer spiritual because I believe there is a complete other world that we cannot even begin to imagine or see. It’s all in the spirit and I know that someday I will join that world and really begin to live my life!

My observation? I must stop seeing with my eyes. They do not see the whole picture and what’s important. My life is not what I can touch, wear, see, read, smell, spend, hear, want or taste. What is truly important is realizing that the physical world is just a pitstop and our real life begins on the other side. If we don’t prepare now, we will not be ready when it comes.


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