This blog is about the many observations of the world and how people act and react to certain stimuli, such as how the media conveys what the future may hold.  Life is fascinating but it can also be very deceptive.  I try to view our lives as being integrative and full of possibilities.  Love is one of the most powerful things we all are capable to giving and receiving.  I believe that it is love that can make each of us stronger, through our belief in God Almighty and using His Word to help us find the peace we all crave.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi mcdschell it is good to understand more about the focus of those who Blog, I seek to do this by reading their About , thank you for sharing yours.

    Yes media seeks to convey what the future may hold but God tells us only He knows the future as we see confirmed in Scripture and so we can believe lies if we are not equipped to know the His Truth and this is the same with those who share about their focus in regards to what Christians believe, sometimes it is not confirmed by Him as His Truth.

    Looking forward to sharing with you again – Christian Love in Christ Jesus – Anne

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